what I can do for you

You are passionate about what you do. You love the life changing project you are working on.

You have a million and one ideas and you live at a fast pace.

You think communications are hugely important and you love great designs, but you have bigger fish to fry. You need some great quality, trustworthy and consistent design work. Someone who will think and act as if they are on your team, who shares the bigger dreams you have for your business and wants you to succeed. 

You've come to the right place. 


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You are starting a new business or need a rebrand for an existing one. You want a new logo and branding guidelines that can truly capture who you are and that will help communicate with your clients.

This is the package for you!


BRAND INSPIRATION BOARD This will set the mood of your new logo and brand design.

COLOUR PALETTE Based on your brand inspiration board, I establish a colour palette with precise reference for all your future design needs.

LOGO DESIGN We will work together closely to create the perfect logo for your business. As well as a primary logo, I create a secondary / sub mark logo.

FONTS A selection of 2 fonts to fit your brand and guidelines on how and when to use them.

PATTERNS OR TEXTURES  A selection of 2 pattern/ textures/ illustrations to complement your look.

BUSINESS CARD DESIGN Double sided business card design.


Design management

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You have a great logo and some brand guidelines and maybe even a website, but you always fall behind schedule when it comes to having designs created and up to date.

You need someone who can plan, organise, create your designs and most importantly chase you up so that your to-do list won't keep you up at night. You kind of wish you had someone in house to do these things for you, but then again you don't want the long term commitment. 

This plan is perfect for those who want all visual communication taken care of and organized so they don't have to lose sleep over it.

I start this process by meeting with you, listening to what your business is about and what needs you may have in terms of visual communication. 

I then put together a list of what you need to be organized and ahead of the curve. This list includes general deliverables like business cards, a general brochure, maintenance of a website and more context specific items such a pop up stand for an event or a brand design for a single product. 

Once we are agreed on your plan, you can sit back and relax! The forward planning and creation of the various visual communication elements is in my hands and I will be the one keeping track of things and chasing you up for copy or feedback at the right time. 

This service requires a 6 month minimum commitment and is  charged as a monthly fee.  

Web design

GSK web

You need a website that reflects who you are, what you offer and more importantly that lets you and your customers find each other. 

It needs to look great, be functional but you want don't want lots of hidden costs and maintenance fees. 

I create websites on Squarespace because of how easy their templates are so easy to maintain by just about anybody. There are no hidden costs that creep up on you so no bad surprises along the way. As a Squarespace circle member, I have experience designing a variety of different websites on this platform. 

What makes my website design service special is that I don't try to upsell on you on features or on a fancy platform that's difficult to maintain. I also give my web clients a 1 hour tutorial on how to maintain their website going forward. 

If you want a simple website that doesn't cost the moon, look no further.