Why I choose Squarespace for website design

When it comes to web design, you might have noticed that I have switched to working exclusively on Squarespace. Having worked on Wordpress, Wix and on custom designs for websites, I now constantly steer my clients towards Squarespace for websites. The funny thing about this is that I actually charge less for Squarespace vs other platforms (and a lot more for designing from scratch) so let me explain why I think Squarespace is the winning solution for small businesses. And in case you are wondering, no, even though I am a Squarespace Circle Member I do not get paid to endorse Squarespace 😉

Easy of Use

The first reason I steer my clients towards Squarespace is because Squarespace templates are just so easy to use. It’s one thing paying a designer to set up your initial website, but most of my clients are not keen on getting tied up in recurring costs and having to reach out to someone every time they want to tweak a sentence on their website. With Squarespace I know that once I have set things up, my clients will have absolutely no trouble making changes or even adding / removing blocks of content. Even though it would technically be better for me to tie my clients to me, I  feel much more comfortable offering them a solution where hidden costs don’t sneek up on them. 

TCF latop.png


Today a Squarespace website is about $200/year including hosting. That includes everything for your website, no hidden costs. A few years ago I  built a Wordpress website for myself and although the template was in the region on a one-off $60, by the time I added the hosting,  the numerous plugins (on Wordpress you need to add plugins to do just about anything!), and hire a backend web developper every now and then to tweak a few things for me, I ended up paying way more than $200/ year for the first 2 years. The fact that costs would sneak up on me was just so irritating. I would much rather pay $200/year up front and know what I am in for. 


Squarespace like Wordpress, Wix and a few others, works with templates. You choose a ready-made website structure and design and can then customize it *almost* to your heart’s content. By using the basic functions that Squarespace offers, you can change fonts, colours and layout which is more than enough for most users. With a bit of CSS knowledge you can make further changes and practically make the template do almost anything you need it to do. 

I also like that you can only customize so much (without additional coding). It means that you can’t easily go in and make irreversible mistakes, which can sometimes be the case in Wordpress with clients who get over ambitious by trying to implement a couple of small changes which become rather mega irreversible mistakes. In Squarespace accidents can very easily be fixed. 


Easily multilingual

As a bilingual designer living in a bilingual city, all the websites I have designed for my Montreal based clients have been multilingual. Having experienced with the headache of multilingual on other platforms, I have found creating multilingual websites on Squarespace to be very straightforward. 

Clean modern design 

And last but certainly not least, the Squarespace aesthetics resonate with my own sense of design. Their templates are simple, clean and modern. The pages are by default breathable, clean and let beautiful imagery speak for itself. After having worked on a branding project for a client, the creation of the website on Squarespace feels like second nature as the new brand fits right in and I can offer a beautiful website in a matter of days. 

St Jax desktop.png

Curious as to what it would take to switch your expensive time consuming website to Squarespace? You’d be surprised - it’s probably a lot less than you think! Get in touch with me today to find out how quickly you can have a no hassle website of your own.