🔥 Hot new logo and branding trends for 2019

With the fall having officially well and truly kicked in and the temperatures dropping (they still have a long way to drop here in Montreal! ❄️), Christmas is scarily just around the corner and that means that a New Year is about to greet us with all the excitement and mystery of what is yet to come. 🎉 

Mystery for some but not so much for people who work on trend prediction. One of my first jobs out of university was working in a trend company and establishing new trends in textile design ! I learnt so much about how to spot a trend and predict how it’s going to grow. Today as a graphic designer, I keep myself well informed of what others are doing and what is being creasted in the industry in order to stay abreast of rising trends. 

👉So with all that in mind, say hello to the hot new logo and branding trends for 2019! 

  • 📓 New thinking about logo design and branding in general 

I was surprised in my research to come across quite a few articles talking about something I have been harping on about a lot recently, which is logo design vs branding.  (If you have missed my posts on that subject check you “Why a logo will do nothing for your business without branding guidelines”) I was interested in seeing that I am not the only one thinking about this specific subject and that a new approach is well and truly becoming common place. 

Once example I really love is Netflix. If you are anything like me you are very familiar with their logo (yes, the one you see a bit too often at the end of a long day, the one that means you can finally put your feet up). What I love about their approach to their brand is that they don’t hesitate to make their branding stand out and take priority over their logo. On the example below, the classic Netflix logo is present but what I love is the oversized N behind the character that instantly reminds us of the brand. The branding here is so powerful that the logo in itself can take a back seat. 

Netflix branding

Netflix branding

  • 💙Different shapes of colour planes

No, I am not talking about airplanes but about flat colour surfaces. A rising trend for 2019 is unusual colour combinations is flat geometric shapes. This has been present for a little while in posters and other marketing collaterals but is now making its way to the main stage that is branding and logo but also web design. These colour combinations and shapes are playful, youthful and dynamic so therefore not adapted to each company but nonetheless we are getting ready to see them more and more. Yay for a playful and cheerful year ahead! 

  • 🅰️ Experimental techniques in typography 

With free fonts more and more readily available online, we are seeing a uniformisation in the use of typography in general. With an eye that is well trained to spot typography around me, I often see the same fonts used in various applications. To stand well clear of the graphic crowd, unique typographies are becoming more common place in logos and brands. This trend sees common typographies revisited and manipulated in order to create unique looks and twist a more traditional approach. 

Fragrance Innovation Summit by Céline Singh

Fragrance Innovation Summit by Céline Singh

  • 👩🏻‍🎨 Transformation of classicism

A trend I am super excited to start playing around with is a juxtaposition of classic and modern graphics thus giving the classic graphic a more contemporary edge. Somehow this trend speaks to me of cities like Montreal where a classic old world heritage cohabits with a fiercely modern world. This trend also sees a lot of sketching and original drawings re-enter the scene. This is a very strong trend that I would be wary of deploying to widely on any given brand as, as with most visually strong trends, it might end up being a flash trend and not one that is here to stay. However use it in seasonal and time-limited branding to your hearts content! 

✨ Here it is for my sneak preview of hot new trends for 2019 in logo and branding! I am feeling joyful and excited about how our surroundings are going to change visually in the year ahead. Are you curious about any trends that you have seen around you and are wondering whether they are here to stay? Please leave me your comments and questions in the comments below. I’d love to hear what on your mind and in your line of sight! 🕶

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