Easy holiday marketing for tiny businesses

Although the Christmas season may still feel like a long time away - and yes in a way it is - it’s the perfect time of the year to start thinking about your holiday marketing strategy. There is just enough time to get something going without rushing everything.  

If you are a small business owner with limited means, it might be hard to know how to prioritize and what will really make a difference. It can be overwhelming looking at the communication strategies of larger companies - after all they often have a whole team working on these things. When there is only very few of you in a business, and that you are busier working for your clients than working on your business, marketing strategies can often be the first thing to slip when things get busy. Yet it is so important to be consistent… 

So if you feel overwhelmed and have been procrastinating with this daunting task, check out the handy tips below ! Let’s make this an easy painless experience. 

Targeted holiday offers 

If you are selling products or services that would make nice gifts (by that I mean personal training services and not translation services!), start early December by emailing your customers with holiday gift ideas and special offers promoting your services and products. Or spread the love on social media, take up ads in local papers, think creatively about how to get the word out there to make sure your customers know that yours is a great gift option. Pick one or two ways of getting the word out about your seasonal offers (email and social media, for instance) and stick to that. Don’t spread yourself too thinly either - more focused is better than more! 


Branded greeting card

This is really a non negotiable that you need for your business: a greeting card showcasing your memorable brand. Your customers need a little reminder that you exist around that busy time of year. When everybody is busy wrapping up work projects whilst juggling Christmas shopping and other family seasonal commitments, you need to remind them that you are around and that you care for them. 

If your business is more the online type and you don’t have physical addresses for your customers, then a well crafted holiday email is a must. 

This is something very different from the Christmas promotional offers you might have been making. This is not the document in which you try to sell more to your customers but rather just thank them for a great year and wish them all the best. A genuine message that is not too pushy will help set you apart from the competition in this era of constant money driven connections.

Hand written notes

Go the extra mile in making your relationship with your customers genuine and sincere by adding a little hand written note. If you have thousands of online subscribers, this is not for you but if you are a local business like a dentist or a hairstylist, spend an evening adding a “Dear So-and-so” and a few nice words to your cards for the extra special touch. Little things like that make all the difference and will give your customers a sense that you value your relationship with them beyond the business transaction. 

Unique gift to share with loved ones

If you are selling fairly high-value products or services, throw in a little gift that will make you part of your customer’s celebrations. How about a bottle of wine with your own label? Or some  consumable with your own branding so that your wine/ jam/ tart can take part in your customer’s festivities along with your cleaver logo. 

Make sure what you give them is highly photogenic as well so that they can show off your generous gift to their friends on social media. Maybe add a little hashtag to the mix and there you have it, your own social media campaign run for you, by your customers. 

So here are a few easy and simple ideas to get you started with basic holiday marketing. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed when so many companies  are launching multiple marketing campaigns for the season, but with a few strategic ideas, you don’t have to spend too much time or money to make sure your customers remember you this Christmas season. If you are in need of greeting cards or need some help creating a branded gift, get in touch here. I have a few slots remaining for the end of the year. And remember that above all, a beautiful card or product will mean your clients keep it in their home rather than throw it in the trash.