Showcasing: Datatrotters

I’ve been quiet on here for the last little while … so I thought I would share with you what I have been up to.

2019 has started off with a bang for me and I am currently working on a few major ongoing projects. One of these projects is a new website with a HUUUUUGE medical research institute here in Montreal. It’s a big project and super fun as I am the lead designer on this. More to come on this later - when I actually have something I can share with you 😉

In the meantime, I am so excited to share about Datatrotters today!


Magali Børsum and I first met over 10 years ago though our husbands who went to grad school together in London. Although Magali is also from France, her and her family live in Oslo so we don’t see each other regularly but about 2 years ago she asked me to create a birth announcement card for her 3rd son. Fast forward a few years later when Magali gets back in touch with me tell me about her new company, Datatrotters.


Datatrotters is a new Norwegian startup whose purpose is to help people understand visual data and develop their knowledge in current economic matters. The main output is an incredible board game designed for individuals, universities and companies.


Magali came to me with a first prototype of the game and asked me to create a new brand including logo, brand identity, icons and of course the board game including the platform, the box and the cards.


It was such fun to get to create an innovative new brand from scratch with a very open brief. We wanted Datatrotters to have a modern and bold feel that would represent its core values, with an element of playfulness.

I’m so happy with the final look and feel of the game - distinctive, bold and inviting!


Once the rush of creating the game was behind us, Magali and I tackled the website. The new website for Datatrotters is built in Squarespace and reflects the brand first developed in the board game.

The website is a simple 4 page affair which operates as a showcase to the world. Ecommerce function is underway and will be added at a later stage.