Top colour trends in logo and branding

When I say logo the word "branding", what do you think of first? Is it a logo, is it a website, or maybe how a brand makes you feel? Clearly all of these are important assets for an aspiring business, but what do all 3 of these assets have in common? They all have colour (or a lack of colour). Colour is absolutely key in establishing a brand, especially if you want a brand that feels and communicates emotion to your target audience.

Colour, like most design elements, is subject to trends and changes season by season. Today we are observing some emerging colour trends as well as noticing others that have made it though a few seasons already.

Have a look below at 4 current colour trends which you need to know to stand out as a contemporary business in 2016-2017.

1. Minimalism

The less is more colour trend has been present and ever increasing in branding and design since 2013. Don't be tempted to go for a cluttered look in order to emphasize your dynamism! A couple or 3 well chosen colours that speak your brand can communicate who you are whilst saying you are confident, organized and to the point.

In the same vain, black and white branding is hot! Don't forget that no colour is also a colour option. Some of my favourite cutting edge brands these days opt for a clean black and white look in which clean lines don't get sidelined for anything else.

Savin Paris | Sessou Lingerie Store | Trilogy by Whitney Blake

2. Modern pastels

Pastels have been making a come back in the world of logos and branding. But we are not talking about sickly sweet baby-hue pastels, but rather grown-up sophisticated pastels. Whether it's food products or beauty products, muted pastels are in. They give off a soft feminine vibe. Think blush powder meets La Durée macaroons. In order to keep your pastel brand modern and dynamic, mix it up with some contrasting colours and sharp lines. As with the last trend, keep it minimal for a luxurious feel.

Branding by Super Magic Friend | Satsukishibuya on Instagram | Celene branding

3. Colour overlays

You may have noticed that for a few years now, colours are flat. No more gradients, drop shadows and photorealistic effects. Flat is the name of the game. Look at all the big companies - most of them have moved away from a photorealistic gradient in favour of a flat colour application. 

One of the trends deriving from that already existing trend is what design nerds like me call the colour overlay effect. Colours have a transparent quality to them and when they overlap the colours add up at the intersection to create a darken segment at the intersection.

The Benevolent Society | Quim Marin |

4. Metallics

Not a brand new trend but an important and persistent one is metallics. Metallics have the wonderful quality of marrying well with other colour trends. Pastels and metallics work wonders as do they with black and white minimalist hues.

When experimenting with metallics, don't immediately settle for a straight up silver or gold. Have a look at a rose gold (think of that lovely iPhone finish), copper or slightly tinted metallic colours.

Mulberry | Jade Park branding by Behance | Artist Atelier Bar Soap at Anthropologie

Whether you love the current colour trends or not, don't forget that before being driven by tends, your brand has to be, well, driven by you. If you are all about mechanics and cars, pastels and metallics might not be for you. Trends are important but making sure a brand reflects who you are is even more so.