5 must-haves on your website's home page

👩🏻‍💻 With a whole bunch of quite amazing template-based web programs out there, it is becoming easier than ever for non-web specialists to design their own websites. There is no need to be a coding genius or to have tons of money to create a great website anymore. It is within reach for anyone who is willing to get past the inevitable initial learning curve. 

Although the technicalities are negligible nowadays, this still doesn’t answer the question of what you should actually have on your home page - let alone on all the other pages. 

☝️Having come across a lot of websites recently that are confusing (to say the least), I am going to share with you my 5 top priorities when creating an optimal home page for your business website. 

1️⃣ Let people know who you are 

Ok, I can hear you saying, duhhh, that’s pretty obvious. Well it is and yet on so many websites out there, it can be quite confusing trying to figure out exactly what company this is or what they are called. So before you go any further on this one, make sure your name or company’s name is easily found. 

If you are using a logo, the logo should accompany your name or incorporate your business’s name. You need to have that logo clearly visible and identifiable as the logo. I do realize how obvious this sounds but sometimes it’s the obvious that tends to be forgotten. 

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2️⃣ Tell the world what you do

Once people know whose website they are on, they need to be able to identify within seconds what the business is about. Are you selling candles or professional services ? Are you an information website or are you promoting a product? Again this needs to be easily found at the top of the homepage and not hidden away further down the page, or worst, on the About us page that you actually have to click on to access. 

3️⃣ What difference you make for your client 

This 3rd priority brings up some very important information about marketing and marketing well. 

  • Firstly you need to remember that people are clicking through your website thinking “ what’s in it for me?”. If you are all about yourself and what you have achieved but fail to show how they can benefit from it, then you will lose their interest very quickly. This needs to be demonstrated in the choice of words you choose in your initial statement. So your mission statement needs to have the following type of structure: “We do xxxx so that you can have yyyyy”.

    A few examples of this would be:

    A/for a produce delivery company -  “We deliver fresh produce to your door weekly so that you can have all the benefits of homegrown quality food without the hassle of doing it yourself”, and

    B/ for a stylist - “I am always on the hunt for latest trends and hottest fashion looks so that you can look your best and live your most confident season yet”.

    Figuring this out means really analyzing why you do what you do and why you think it’s so important. Not a small task!

  • Second of all, what is implied in the term “your client” is that you know who your client is. Not only just vaguely know, like “oh yeah, my client is anyone who wants to buy candles” but really know who is likely to buy candles, why, what else they buy, where do they live etc. This is such a huge piece of marketing 101 that it really ought to have a proper blog post dedicated to it and not just a passing comment. Anyway if you have never heard of this before, do give it some thought (and let me know if you would like me to tackle this in more detail). 

4️⃣ Show that you know who you are

The first 3 points were more copy related but in the one we are switching to the visual aspects of your website. Show the world that you know who you are by having consistent clear branding. Yes, there I go again, on and on about the branding! But it’s so important! If you seem all scattered about your visual identity, how can your potential new customers have faith that you are taking them down a steady path.

Make sure that

1 / you have a limited and usable colour palette,

2/ that you have chosen 2 or 3 fonts and are sticking to them, and

3/ very importantly, that you have good quality high definition imagery that you have the rights to use.

If you are interested in finding more about branding, check out my post “Why a logo will do nothing for your business without branding guidelines” 

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5️⃣ Tell them what to do next

The 5th priority you need to make sure you have on your website is a Call To Action (frequently referred to in the industry as a CTA).  Once people know who you are, what you can do for them and how it’s going to change their life AND have established that you are steady and confident in your own brand, then what would you like them to do! Don’t leave them hanging there, wondering what to do next to benefit from your amazing offer! Tell them where to go - do you want them to sign up to your newsletter? Do you want to tell them when you are teaching a yoga class close to them? Do you want them to book a free 15 min consultation? Make sure it is very obvious and clearly stated. 

Without a CTA a web presence is not that useful really. What ultimately you want your website to do is to create new sales. So make sure you take people by the hand and show them what the next step is for them. If you leave them in limbo on the home page, they will close the window on the wonderful life changing offers you have for them. 

😊 So here you go, my top 5 priorities for creating a  business website home page that converts clicks to sales! These are only the top 5 non-negotiables for any business website home page. There are of course more things to learn about and add to your website as you get going. But these 5 are a really good starting point, so give them a go and tell me how you are getting on in the comments below. ⬇️

However if you are still stuck about creating the website yourself, feeling overwhelmed by the choice of templates and would rather focus on your core strengths than learn a new skill, get in touch here! 📲 I’d love to chat with you about stress-free (and not as expensive as you think) options for a professional website that will wow your clients and make them say “yes please!”