How to pair fonts like a pro

Knowing how to use fonts well can seem so effortless and yet once you try your hand at it a bit, it quickly becomes clear that there is more to it then meets the eye. Indeed knowing how to use the right font at the right time is a sort of delicate art, that when well done looks like it just came out of thin air. Well isn’t that the way with lots of design projects in a way, the successful ones look simple and effortless! Of course there is a bit of science to it - a bit of science and also a bit of flair ! In this post, I give you 8 tips to learn how to pair fonts like a pro!

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Easy holiday marketing for tiny businesses

If you are a small business owner with limited means, it might be hard to know how to prioritize and what will really make a difference. It can be overwhelming looking at the communication strategies of larger companies - after all they often have a whole team working on these things. When there is only very few of you in a business, and that you are busier working for your clients than working on your business, marketing strategies can often be the first thing to slip when things get busy. Yet it is so important to be consistent… 

So if you feel overwhelmed and have been procrastinating with this daunting task, check out the handy tips below ! Let’s make this an easy painless experience. 

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