Why your non-profit needs branding

When I say branding, chances are you are thinking of logo and maybe, just maybe, colour or some other abstract arty elements. But branding goes way beyond that. Whether you are a for-profit, a non-profit or a social entreprise, branding is the impression you leave behind you. It’s the imperceptible opinion others have made about you. It’s all about how others see you and what lasting impact your organisation makes. And it has very little to do with how you see yourself. 

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Change the way you think about charity

In my branding and design work with non-profits and charities, I am often challenged to explain why it’s so important for the non for profit sector to market and brand well. It’s generally accepted misconception that charities should not spend money on “superfluous” things such as branding, design and generally good communication.

This thinking about charity irks me so much - not because I make a living off branding for the non-profit sector - but because it’s usually a good excuse for mediocrity. If we expect excellence out of our charities - either the ones that we run or the ones we support - then we should give them the tools to be excellent. Charities will often rely on a volunteers or pro-bono work, who can sometimes let them down, instead of putting in resources to get things done properly in the first place. I can’t tell you how many times people have come to me to do a last minute project because a volunteer promised something and wasn’t able to deliver at the last hour.

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