🔥 Hot new logo and branding trends for 2019

With the fall having officially well and truly kicked in and the temperatures dropping (they still have a long way to drop here in Montreal! ❄️), Christmas is scarily just around the corner and that means that a New Year is about to greet us with all the excitement and mystery of what is yet to come. 🎉 

Mystery for some but not so much for people who work on trend prediction. One of my first jobs out of university was working in a trend company and establishing new trends in textile design ! I learnt so much about how to spot a trend and predict how it’s going to grow. Today as a graphic designer, I keep myself well informed of what others are doing and what is being creasted in the industry in order to stay abreast of rising trends. 

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5 must-haves on your website's home page

With a whole bunch of quite amazing template-based web programs out there, it is becoming easier and easer for non-web specialists to design their own websites. There is no need to be a coding genius or to have tons of money to create a great website anymore. It is within reach for anyone who is willing to get past the inevitable (moderate) learning curve. 

Although the technicalities are negligible nowadays, this still doesn’t answer the question of what you should actually have on your home page - let alone on every page. 

☝️Having come across a lot of websites recently that are confusing (to say the least), I am going to share with you my 5 top priorities when creating an optimal home page for your business website. 

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